Enough Community Manifesto

January 20, 2020

Enough is a community of individuals helping journalists, sources and human right defenders communicate privately and securely. It has no hierarchy: anyone can do what they want as long as they respect others. Differences, divergences and disagreements are encouraged: they are a source of diversity and creativity. Although most of the work is focused on finding innovative methods and create original software, it also is necessary to spend significant time listening to others and improve how we communicate: this is what fuels a friendly community where everyone can feel safe and appreciated.

  • Community members are expected to behave according to the Code of Conduct
  • An action that has no impact on others can be carried out unilateraly
  • An action impacting others is advertised in advance and carried out if there is a consensus (or a favorable vote if there is no consensus)
  • Any member of the community impacted by an action is entitled to call for a vote
  • Community members respect consensus and vote results
  • Community members with access to an exclusive resource are listed publicly and share that access with other community members when asked to
  • There is no hierarchy
  • There is no spokesperson

A non-hierarchical organization has properties that make it sustainable and scalable: it does not depend on funding and can adapt to legal and political contexts globally.