What is Enough?

January 25, 2020

Enough is a platform for journalists, sources and human rights defenders to communicate privately and securely.

It starts as a service providing the same functions and level of security as an online storage provider (such as DropBox, Google Drive etc.). And it can be progressively upgraded with more sophisticated measures, starting with 2FA up to an airgap machine dedicated to decrypting classified documents. Most of Enough users are journailists or human rights defenders who don’t require the highest-level security option provided by systems like SecureDrop. The cloud option is simply “enough” for them: it is what they understand. As they learn about more sophisticated techniques, Enough adapts and upgrades to match their skills. In the long run, Enough contributes to a change in culture and enable its users to the most private and secure communication channels as a default.

  • Leak platform for sources to anonymously send documents to journalists and human rights defenders
  • DropBox, Google Drive alternative to exchange documents with colleagues, activists and sources
  • In the cloud, self-hosted or on-premises

A community of individuals provides support and hosting for Enough. Organizations supporting investigative journalist or human rights defenders are welcome to join and get the help they need.